Cat Etiquette

    General Rules

  • First aid treatment will be administered in the event you are scratched, bitten or wounded by a cat, after which we will not assume any responsibility.
  • We are not responsible for any dirty or damaged belongings caused by a cat.
  • Our staff may ask you to leave if you are found harassing a cat.

Entry procedures

For the health of both cats and visitors,

please be sure to change into indoor slippers

and wash your hands thoroughly before entering.

Drink Bar Usage Instructions

The drink bar may be used freely.

Program Guide

[ Delicious hotel Cat Feeding Time ]


* May be suspended depending on the condition of the cats.

RESTROOM Usage Guide

After changing into indoor shoes from the storage locker,

please use the restroom located outside.

Exit Guide

After collecting your belongings from the storage locker, proceed to exit.

Please note the following.

Creating My Own Cat Doll

Decorate your own cat doll with various wappens.